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We all benefit from scientific advances! Scientists are working everyday to improve our lives, to understand health, disease and injury and to find cures, treatments and prevention. Research is the foundation of science. Animals are the foundation of biomedical/medical research. It's all about the education! Check back for continued education opportunities in 2015.

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There are many ways you can join OSERA in its efforts to promote biomedical research through education. You can support our programs and services through your participation and donations. You can join our Public Outreach Network and help spread the word about the benefits of biomedical research.

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The Ohio Scientific Education & Research Association is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1991. It is an educational consortium of universities, hospitals, voluntary health organizations and corporations. OSERA was created to develop a better understanding of the topic of the humane and responsible use of animals in scientific activities until scientifically-valid non-animal methods are available.
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