Let Us Tell You About the Ohio Scientific Education & Research Association (OSERA)!

The Ohio Scientific Education & Research Association is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1991. It is an educational consortium of universities, hospitals, voluntary health organizations and corporations. OSERA was created to develop a better understanding of the topic of the humane and responsible use of animals in scientific activities until scientifically-valid non-animal methods are available.

OSERA’s Mission, Goals & Values


Foster better understanding in Ohio about the benefits humans and animals have gained as a result of information generated from various types of research;

Foster better understanding of how responsible animal research and instructional programs will remain essential until scientifically-valid alternatives are developed.


Increase public understanding of the critical need for the humane care and use of animals in research, education and testing, which improves human and animal health and safety.

Provide information to members, which helps them anticipate and respond to animal research issues.


OSERA is committed to the humane care and use of animals;

OSERA encourages, where feasible and scientifically acceptable, the development and use of alternatives in research, education and testing. Alternative methods follow the “3R’s” principles of replacement, reduction or refinement of animal use in traditional animal methods. Alternative tests either replace the need to use animals in a specific situation, reduce the number of animals needed, or refine procedures to reduce or eliminate pain or distress for the animals involved;

OSERA is a member service organization with a commitment to community service;

OSERA encourages its members to be open about involvement in animal research activities but respects the need for its members to participate anonymously when necessary;

OSERA complements rather than competes with national association efforts related to responsible animal research and use of alternatives;

OSERA uses factual information and non-confrontational tactics to accomplish its mission and goals;

OSERA’s public information programs are primarily proactive; reactive when necessary.


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