Career Videos

Bioscience Clearinghouse (NCABR)
An NCABR website which includes career profiles targeted toward middle and high school students. The profiles, which highlight biomanufacturing careers such as process development scientist and quality assurance associate, feature examples of job tasks and information about educational requirements and expected salary ranges. The animal research facility manger, laboratory animal technician and veterinarian career profiles are accompanied by short informational videos and a teacher guide with related lesson plans and classroom activities.

Bioscience Career Videos (NCABR)
Middle school and high school teachers and students:
Short career videos on select careers, as well as accompanying teacher educational materials guides, containing lesson plans, worksheets and handouts, now are available.

A Collaborative Digital Library (APS)
The APS Archive of Teaching Resources is a collection of digital resources for science educators at all levels. Each resource has been reviewed for scientific accuracy and the use of humans/animals in teaching.

The Archive is a collaborative library with many professional societies contributing resources. With one search, you can find resources in physiology, anatomy, developmental biology and other fields.

The Archive also is a colleague-to-colleague sharing community. We encourage you to share resources you have developed, recommend resources for review, and participate in user groups.

Life Lines Podcasts (APS)
Listen to or download your choice of several free podcasts. Life Lines puts the “Phizz” in Physiology. Topics include Snorkeling Elephants; Sir Edmund Hillary’s Contribution to Physiology; Heart Hormones and Cancer; and Severe Asthmas, Video Games, One Physiology.

What A Year! (MSMR)
What A Year! is an online program that kicked off its third year of bringing biomedical research breakthroughs to high school students and teachers. Topics covered include: Hemophilia A, toxoplasmosis, and the Brainbow mouse. In June 2008, What A Year! received two awards from the New England Chapter of the American Medical Writers Association for excellence and distinction in medical communications.


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