Classroom Projects

BioConnection Program (CURE)

Founded in 2004, the BioConnection Program expands upon CURE’s highly successful BioBus Program, reaching up to 10,000 Connecticut students each year. BioConnection is an equipment loan program that enables teachers all over Connecticut to bring sophisticated biotechnology to their classrooms, using the same equipment typically found in modern laboratories.

Great Grow Along (PSBR)

Rat nutrition project for elementary and middle school developed by the Dairy Council of the Midwest and adapted by PSBR.

Science Promotion in Rural Middle Schools
(TSBR and Texas A&M PEER)

This is an outreach program of TSBR in collaboration with the Texas A&M University’s Partnership for Environmental Education and Rural Health (PEER). This program provides outreach materials and guidance/review as a member of the Advisory Council for PEER as well as veterinary presentations and hands-on activities covering a variety of health-related topics that are used to promote science and careers in biomedical related fields during veterinarian visits to classrooms. Standards-aligned follow-up lessons for teachers reinforce the concepts covered by visiting veterinarians.


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